The RouteXL service (;Service”;) is made available to you via internet in the form of Software-as-a-Service by RouteXL B.V. (;Supplier”;), 在海洛注册, 其主要营业地点在Kennemerstraatweg 464, 1851年NG海洛, 荷兰人 (美国).

The following Terms &; Conditions apply to the use of the Service. By using the Service, you indicate your acceptance of these Terms &; 条件. Derogations from these general Terms &; Conditions will only be binding if you have received written acceptance of this from Supplier.

第1条. The Service and use thereof

1.1 The Service is made available to you for the purposes of route planning using the tools offered on its website, API or apps. 你可以选择自己如何使用这些工具, 并为这些特定目的.

1.2 The supplier reserves the right to make registration compulsory for any or part of the Service as they see fit. 一旦完成注册,您, you can log in to your account directly and use the Service. The supplier keeps records of the history of usage, user settings and transactions for each account.

1.3必须防止未经授权的人访问您的帐户通过使用用户名和密码. 尤其是, 确保您的密码仍然严格保密. 一旦你与你的用户名和密码注册, The supplier will assume that everything done from your account has occurred under your control and supervision. You will therefore be liable for any such actions unless you have notified the supplier that another person has knowledge of your password.

1.4 You can process personal data with the Service. Supplier acts as a processor within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act. 这意味着你是控制器, and as such indemnify Supplier from all claims of data subjects under this act.

第2条. 用户法规

2.1 It is forbidden to use the Service for acts that are in contravention of Dutch law or any other applicable laws and regulations. This includes the saving or distribution of information via the Service that is libellous, 诽谤或种族主义.

2.2特别, it is forbidden to use the Service in any way that could cause nuisance or hindrance to other users. 这包括使用自己的脚本或程序上传或下载大量的数据, or using the Service excessively frequently.

2.3 If Supplier discovers that you are violating the aforementioned conditions, 或收到的任何投诉,这种效果, Supplier may take steps to end the violation. 那么在这些条件第7.4条的规定将适用.

2.4 If Supplier finds that nuisance, damage or any other threat has arisen to the functioning of the computer systems or network of Supplier or of third parties and/or the Service provision via the internet, in particular due to the excessive calculation of routes or any other type of excessive use of the Service, 个人资料外泄或病毒的活性, 木马和软件相媲美, Supplier is entitled to take all measures that they reasonably consider necessary to avert or prevent this threat.

2.5 Supplier is entitled at all times to report any criminal acts that they may discover. Supplier is also entitled to reveal your name, 地址, IP address and other identification data to third parties who complain that you are violating their rights or these general Terms &; 条件, 提供的投诉可以合理地假定是合理的, 有获取此信息没有其他办法和第三方拥有的信息明确的利益被泄露.

2.6 Supplier has the right to recover any damage resulting from the violation of these rules of conduct from you. You indemnify Supplier from all claims by third parties related to any damage that has arisen as a result of the violation of these conditions of use.

第三条. 可用性和维护

3.1 Supplier makes every endeavour to ensure that the Service is available, 但不保证不间断的可用性.

3.2 Supplier actively maintains the Service. 如果它预期的维护会导致有限的可, Supplier will carry it out when use of the Service is relatively low. 只要有可能, 维护将提前公布. 有关紧急维修可能发生在任何时候,都不会提前公布.

3.3时不时, Supplier may adjust the functionality of the Service. 您的反馈和关于这个主题的建议,欢迎, 但最终, Supplier will decide which adjustments will or will not be made.

3.4 Supplier will make every effort to carry out maintenance as well as possible, 但也依赖于在供应商和第三方此方面的更新和错误修复软件. Supplier is entitled not to install certain updates if they consider that these will not facilitate the correct operation of the software or would not be in your interests.

第四条. 知识产权

4.1 The Service and the accompanying software, 以及在网站上的所有信息和图像, are the intellectual property of the supplier. They may not be copied or used in any manner whatsoever without explicit written permission from the supplier, 情况除外,这是通过法律允许.

4.2 Information saved or processed by you via the Service is and will remain your property (或者说你的供应商). Supplier has a limited user right to use this information for the Service, 包括其未来方面.

4.3 If you send information to Supplier, 如对错误或改进的建议反馈, you thereby confer an unlimited and perpetual right to it to use this information for the Service. 这并不适用于您明确标记为被任何机密性资料.

4.4 Supplier will not take note of any information that you have saved and/or distributed via the Service unless this is necessary to provide a good service, or Supplier is obliged to do so by virtue of a legal provision or court order. 在这样的情况下的事件, Supplier will endeavour to limit its cognisance of information as much as possible insofar as this lies within its power.

第五条. Payment for the Service

5.1 The use of the Service for certain functions is subject to the payment of a fee. 将通知您有问题使用功能的成本. 付款方式可以为每个时间单位来计算, 途径和/或地址.

5.2付款可通过PayPal进行, by your transferring the amount personally to Supplier’;银行账户, 通过iDeal进行, 信用卡, 根据网站上的支付指令直接付款或.

5.3 Because the Service is delivered directly and at your explicit request, 它是不可能通过调用远程销售法令撤销付款.

第六条. 责任尽最大努力的义务/限制

6.1 Supplier will make every effort to provide an optimal route. 路由优化, 然而, 一个复杂的数学过程,而目前还没有绝对的科学配方. 出于这样的原因, 并且也由于其对由第三方发出的数据的质量的依赖性 (特别是地图) the Service cannot give any guarantee of the absolute optimality of the calculated routes. Supplier strives to achieve 95% optimality for 95% of the calculated routes.

6.2 Supplier also does its utmost to place the addresses entered by the user at the correct location on the map and to translate locations to the correct addresses. The Service is not, 然而, 能够保证地址和位置是100%正确. 用户仍然负责检查地图上地址和位置是否正确.

6.3说明导航应视为建议. 情况和交通规则将始终优先. 司机有义务行使的关怀和照顾,并亲自负责下列的建议.

6.4 The provisions of articles 6.1 through 6.3 entail that Supplier, 除了意图或故意鲁莽的事件, 不能举行从不是在地址和位置的地图上的指示绝对最佳的和/或缺陷路线造成的任何损害承担责任.

6.5除故意行为或重大过失的情况下,, Supplier’;承担的责任在发生损害事件的时间之前仅限于三个月内支付的金额.

6.6 Supplier is explicitly not liable for any indirect damage, 间接损害, 损失的利润, 失去了储蓄或因业务中断损失.

6.7 A condition of any right to compensation that may arise is that you have reported the damage to Supplier in writing within two months of its detection.

6.8的情况下,身不由己的情况下, Supplier is never bound to pay for any damage that this has caused. 身不由己的情况包括中断或故障的网络和/或电信基础设施, 停电, 骚乱, 动员, 战争, 交通拥堵, 罢工, 停工, 业务中断, 延迟用品, 火灾和洪水.

第七条. 终止和暂停服务

7.1 This agreement will enter into effect with your first use of the Service and will continue for an unlimited period.

7.2协议可在任何时间终止, 用一个月的通知期是从发出通知的时间计算.

7.3 Supplier may terminate the agreement if you have not logged in for a period of twelve months. 该协议将自动如果一方被宣告结束是在破产状态, 适用的悬浮液的付款或受资产的一般发作, 死亡, 进入清算或解散.

7.4 Supplier is entitled to suspend or withdraw the Service, 暂时或永久, as a result of failure to fulfil any obligation towards Supplier, unless this failure does not justify such suspension or cessation of the Service in view of its minor importance.

7.5在用户协议结束, Supplier is entitled to delete all data it has saved for the purpose of providing the Service. Supplier is under no obligation to provide you with a copy of this data.

第八条. Changes to the Terms &; 条件

8.1 Supplier reserves the right to alter both these conditions and the prices at any time.

8.2 Supplier will announce any changes or additions via the Service at least thirty days before they enter into effect.

8.3如果您不想接受更改或添加, 你要终止协议为什么要在其将进入生效日期的权利. If you make use of the Service after this date, 这将被视为您接受修订或补充条件指示.

第九条. 其他规定


9.2除非强制性法律规定,否则, all disputes related to Supplier will be brought before the competent Dutch court in the district in which Supplier is established.

9.3如果这些用户条件条文规定,通知必须“以书面形式”给出, this condition is also fulfilled if the notification is given by email or a communication via the Service’;网站, 只要其可被适当地确定,该消息实际上是从所称发送者和该消息的完整性没有被削弱.

9.4 The version of the communication or information saved by Supplier will be considered to be correct unless evidence is provided to the contrary.

9.5如果在这些用户条件的任何条款应显示为无效, 这并不会影响的用户的条件的有效性的全部. 在这种情况下, 该规定将通过这是作为接近原条款含义的新条款代替作为在法律上是可能的.

9.6 Supplier is entitled to transfer its rights and obligations arising from the agreement to any third party who may acquire from it either Supplier or the business activity in question.

9.7 These General Terms &; 条件是荷兰和英国制定了. 如有任何争议的情况下,有关的文字或应该如何解释, 荷兰文为准.

April 15, 2019